Shaving Foam


To make the right choice, a man must take into account primarily the composition of shaving foam. In addition, the foam should have a delicate texture and a high degree of efficiency, in order to ensure a reliable and safe shaving of the stubble for a long period of time. Beauticians, stylists and barbers made a top-ranking of the best shaving foams to make it easier for men to choose.

STÄRKE shaving foam manufacturers assure there is zero risk of irritation after using it. The main advantage this product is its unique formula that guarantees maximum gliding of the blades. The composition of the STÄRKE foam also responds for softening and refreshing the epidermis, which will heal the skin, cleanse the pores and protect the skins from being damaged or cut.

  • STÄRKE shaving foam boasts a thick and rich consistency, due to which it densely covers the entire facial area which is going to be shaved. STÄRKE foam contains vegetable oils for deep hydration of the skin and menthol for its soothing and cooling.
  • STÄRKE shaving foams can easily compete with their time-tested analogues in their quality. STÄRKE brand offers universal foams for all skin types. A distinctive feature of the product is its affordable price.
  • STÄRKE shaving foam deeply nourishes the skin, softens even the toughest prickly hairs, and also provides maximum glide of the blades over the skin. As a result, a man gets a smooth shave with no sense of irritation, and with a fresh fragrance. The skin of the face will shine with freshness and healthy complexion.
  • STÄRKE shaving foams have rapidly gained the appreciation of not only men but also women. STÄRKE foam perfectly nourishes and softens the skin of the entire body, instantly removes the feeling of dryness and discomfort. The unique formula moisturizes and rejuvenates the epidermis, restoring its elasticity.