STÄRKE lighters are electric lighters packed in boxes of 1000 pieces that contain 20 boxes of 50 pieces

There are both disposable and refillable STÄRKE lighters

STÄRKE lighters also have LED and windproof versions

STÄRKE lighters have a modern design and come in different colors, as well as semi-transparent or rubber-shaded.

STÄRKE lighters have stickers in Russian with barcodes

The degree of leakage of STÄRKE lighters is less than 0.5%, and the ignition speed is more than 98%

STÄRKE lighters have a plastic case and are intended both for lighting cigarettes and for kitchen.

Temperature resistance of STÄRKE lighters is 55 ℃.

STÄRKE lighters have the following sizes:

81*20.3*11.6 mm; 78.4*22.9*11 mm; 79.2*23.5*11.5 mm; 78.8*21*11 mm; 80.4*23.8*11.3 mm; 81*22.4*14 mm