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Our vision, as an emerging markets specialist, is close the chasm between high-potential brands and the fledgling markets of Asia and Africa that represent the largest potential consumer base in the world.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape where conventional norms are being reshaped constantly, Brands Konnect has taken a refreshingly futuristic approach to distribution. This is perceptible in our unique methodology towards development, management, and distribution of promising consumer brands in the developing markets. We operate via a strong network of local partners supported by our senior resources based in key markets, with the aim to complement the local partners’ strengths with our expertise.

Along with Brands Konnect's Asia & Africa headquarters in Dubai & marketing office in Hamburg, Germany, we have our offices in nine countries, namely Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Gambia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Our geographical footprint now reaches 37 countries and we plan to extend it to more than 50 countries by end of 2017.

Over the years we have partnered with prestigious global brands with a wide range of products from personal care to home care, and confectionery to food with a aim of providing consumers in Asia and Africa access to world class brands .